Don’t let your pets freeze or get hurt this winter: follow these safety tips #901law #animalcourt

Winter weather not only affects people in Memphis, but our pets and outdoor animals too. Avoid harming your pets by following these common sense pet safety tips. This includes walking and playing outside, not just pets sleeping outdoors.

– outdoor animals need warm blankets and fresh, not frozen, water;
– bringing pets indoors changes their activity level: don’t overfeed;
– keep your pets regularly exercised: don’t underfeed either
– keep pets leashed with proper identification: avoid lost pets;
– wipe your pets off: water, ice, dirt, and snow could be full of chemical;
– check for frostbite and bleeding paws!

Memphis Animal Services takes animal safety cases seriously. We want to help you keep your pets safe at home. Have any animal safety or environmental court questions? Call 901-299-522 and Contact Attorneys Thomas, Gulotta & Patel.

Dog Found Frozen to Ground in Sub-Zero Temperatures

By Kerri Fivecoat-Campbell    January 09, 2014 at 12:28PM / A dog named Peanut in Jasper, Indiana, is expected to make a full recovery after sheriff’s deputies found him frozen to the ground in sub-zero temperatures. – Pet360 Pet Parenting Simplified

PetMD: [SLIDESHOW] 5 Deadliest Outdoor Dangers for Pets this Winter

  1. Hypothermia
  2. Antifreeze
  3. Cars
  4. Rock Salt
  5. Rodent Pesticides

Avoiding Winter Hazards: Winter is often full of wonderment and joy for people and pets alike, but there are also dangers associated with the most frigid of seasons — especially outdoors. Read on for the 5 deadliest outdoor dangers for pets this winter, and contact your veterinarian or nearest animal hospital if you suspect something is wrong with your dog or cat. via 5 Deadliest Outdoor Dangers for Pets this Winter | petMD.

PetMD: 8 Tips For Caring For Your Pet This Winter

  1. Bring pets inside.
  2. Fur coats are not enough.
  3. Keep water fresh and unfrozen.
  4. Stay fit – keep exercising pets, but watch for overfeeding and underfeeding based on changed winter activity levels.
  5. Pets get frostbite too.
  6. Antifreeze is deadly.
  7. Street salt is corrosive to paws.
  8. Tap the hood – save a cat!


Unless you’re one of the lucky ones living in one of the balmier states, you’ve felt the cold chill of winter arrive. For some of us, cold weather is regarded as a mere nuisance; for others, it’s a fun time filled with snowboarding, skiing and other winter joys; and still others will find this time of bone-chilling weather and huge piles of snow a veritable nightmare to endure.

Whatever your viewpoint on winter, one thing remains the same for all of us with pets: it’s a time when our beloved babies need a little extra care. Luckily, PetMD has compiled a list of tips to protect your pet from the dangers of winter.

[…] Wintering with your pet is mostly common sense. If you’re cold, your beloved pet will most likely be cold too. So snuggle up, keep your pet warm and safe, and sooner than you can say “Jack Russell,” we’ll all be hitting the beaches for some summertime fun.

via 8 Tips For Caring For Your Pet This Winter.

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