Keep Driving in 2015

Keep your driving record clean and insurance premiums low: don’t ignore traffic tickets

If you have a traffic citation or speeding ticket from the Memphis Police Department, Shelby County Sheriff, Tennessee Highway Patrol, or any other law enforcement agency call us at (901) 299-5222 and we will seek dismissal of your ticket. Missing court or just paying the fine results in a default judgment or plea of guilt, respectively, and will often put points on your motor vehicle record.

Owing court costs and fines, and having points on your record can result in a suspension of your driver’s license per the Tennessee Driver Improvement & Points Program. Infractions on your record can also affect your insurance premiums and your insurance company may drop you, and you may not be able to get new coverage, and certainly not at a reasonable rate.

Calling an attorney as soon as your receive a citation helps you keep your record clean, insurance premiums low, and for simple traffic infractions, may even save you from going to court yourself: even if the citation says MANDATORY appearance, where in many cases an attorney can still go to court for you. Further, if and when you do miss court, an attorney can make the motions necessary to re-open the case and resolve it favorably for you. If you are a Tennessee resident but get a citation in another part of the country: It’s helpful to call an attorney local to you to help you find a lawyer local to the citation.

After your attorney has handled your case, there are convenient online payment options for use in those cases where you may owe court costs, so you won’t have to mail in your payment, or pay in person. You can pay online at the City of Memphis ePayments Site and the Shelby County, TN General Sessions Criminal Court ePayments Site.

Commercial Drivers License (CDL) and Airline Pilot

If you are an airline pilot holding an airline transport pilot license (ATP), or a commercial truck driver, holding a commercial driver’s license (CDL), you are likely well aware of how serious a speeding or traffic ticket can be, as a bad driving record may threaten your livelihood and chances for progression in your career. Points on your license may even lead to suspension of your commercial driving privileges. If your profession depends on maintaining a clean driving record, you will likely especially benefit from hiring an experienced traffic attorney to fight your ticket. In today’s environment, prosecutors tend to be very aggressive at seeking convictions against commercial drivers, and having an attorney who will be ready and willing to go to trial in traffic court can always help, although we will always seek to settle your case without trial, if at all possible.

Driving While License Suspended / Revoked / Cancelled

Driving While License Suspended / Revoked / Cancelled (DWLS/R/C) citations are more serious than most simple traffic infractions, which are often handled as civil ordinance violations. A DWLS/R/C citation is a criminal matter, and can lead to jail time in some cases. We take these cases very seriously, and so should you. If you have a misdemeanor citation in Shelby County General Sessions Court, we may be able to handle your case for as little as a $200.

Some people may have a suspended driver’s license and not even know it. Those situation can result from an unpaid ticket, unpaid court costs, or delinquent child support. If you find yourself with a suspended license you may find yourself spiraling further and further into the court system, with each new citation requiring fine money and court costs, and you will move further and further away from the goal of “paying off” your license.”

Keep in mind that each new citation will require an increase in your bond, sending you to jail and further adding to your debt. Call us and we will research your suspension with the Tennessee Department of Safety, and develop a plan on how you can get your license back. There are several options which may include “drive while you pay” programs, chapter 13, or simply multiple continuances at court. so that you can pay off your fines and court costs, and square yourself with the State of Tennessee, clearing your way to license reinstatement.

Another potential pitfall of driving while license suspended charges is that the second charge can be considered an A misdemeanor, which can ruin your chances for obtaining diversion if you ever have a more serious criminal charge in the future, essentially, you could loose your “get out of jail free card.”

Contact Us

If you have a traffic ticket or DWLS citation please call us at (901) 299-5222 for a free telephone consultation. Office appointments may be made at 40 S. Main St., Ste 1540. We accept payments with a  credit card over the telephone, and you can even send us your ticket information by email, text, or fax, so you can use modern technology to avoid making any personal appearances, saving your valuable time and money.

*Please note that certain courts (and some charges) require your presence on each court date, even for traffic violations, please call and we will explain the ins and outs in your specific situation – we understand that you are  busy making money in your field of expertise, and if we can keep you out of court, we will.

Common Traffic Offenses

Disregarded Red Light
State Registration Law
Financial Responsibility
Failure to Yield
Speeding School Zone
Speeding Construction Zone
Reckless Driving
Safety Belt Required
No Driver License

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